Thursday, January 28, 2010


My lovely daughter Alex introduced me to Etsy just under a year ago.  My kids would often say "you oughta open a shop mum!" 

I laugh out loud when I watch the iconic Aussie movie "The Castle" which has this exact line in it!  Do all Aussie kids say this to their arty crafty mums?

Aussies are amazingly talented in every way and Etsy is enhanced by the numerous Aussies that display their wares ~  I will be dedicating a post to two Aussie Etsians weekly where a brief profile and display of their creative talent will be highlighted for all to see.

Any Aussies who sell on Etsy can feel free to leave a comment and their etsy or blog addy and I will choose three each week to showcase from Friday to Friday as well as add to a blog roll over time.


  1. It's amazing how kids can just come out with the totally obvious! Your daughter was right.

    I'm an Aussie arty crafty mum in my spare time and would love to be featured.

    My etsy addy is

  2. It's about time the world got to see what we're capable of. Thanks for taking the time to show us off.

    My etsy address is :)

  3. ahhh shoes....oh if only I had the disposable income of my youth...

    now I'm a SAHM stitching in between dishes and floors and trying to sell on etsy...would love to be featured!

  4. Hehe. Kids have a way with words!

    I'm an Aussie mum who in between homeschooling, household business and a bad back satisfies her addiction to stationary with missIsa.

    shop -
    blog -
    facebook -

  5. Thanks for offering this great opportunity. - Hope you will visit my blog. I am also having a giveaway until Feb 15 as part of the One World One Heart Blog event.

  6. Hmmmm, I don't know if all kids say that to their arty/crafty mums. My eldest daughter only ever asks me to make her bags and purses! :-)

  7. Hi there - I'm a Sydney jewellery designer - saw your post in the DUSTeam forum - sooooo here I am ;-)

    (I like your blog music!)

  8. Great idea Violet! And I had to chuckle at your "Castle" reference, hee hee. My kids don't say that to me but they often ask me to make them or their friends something or if they can keep my latest addition to the store, LOL.

    Many blessings to you too :)

  9. Hi Violet,

    You are doing such a great job. I have enjoyed reading and listening to your blog.

    I have a shop and a Blog (that I sadly neglect)
    My Blog:

    keep up the great work x

  10. Hi there, I saw your post on the DUst forum, I am new to etsy I sell fantastic fabrics and would love your help :-)

  11. Hi Violet,
    I'm a Sydney SAHM to my 2 gorgeous boys, and am addicted to creating! The kidsa re too young to tell me to open a shop, but my husband was telling me for 2 years before I did somethng about it.
    My Etsy shop is:
    My Blog:

  12. Hi there. I am half of design duo Random Ally. we would love to be featured in this wonderful blog. Check out our new tee featuring a very sexy shoe design. a match made in heaven. thanks sarah

  13. Hi, this is a fabulous idea! I'm an Aussie mum of 5, and pretty new to Etsy, although I've been selling online for almost a year now elsewhere.
    My etsy is

  14. hi! I'm Ange from Jewellery by Ange which can be found at

    I'm also pleased to offer Facebook fans and Twitter followers a 10% discount off their purchases! Simply quote the code, which can be found on my page!

  15. I'm loving listening to the music on your site as I am reading through your posts.

    I'm a SAHM with 3 little ones. My Son proudly announces to people that "Its crochet NOT knitting" when people comment on my creations. So cute but a little rude on occasion :)

    from C Percy Designs

  16. Hi - Samara from Maddabling (
    I don't have a blogspot but do have a facebook fan page
    I work full time and love having a creative outlet for my energies. I also love the support and friendships I have found through the DUST team.

  17. I love the movie "The Castle"...and we often use the phrase "That is going straight to the pool room" ....not that we even have a pool room..LOL

    A member of DUST and live to create. You can find me at

  18. Thanks for the opportunity to show of our beautiful things.....

    My creative tresures can be discovered at

    TheDollHaus all things fun and fanciful......

  19. I'd love to be 'discovered' as an Aussie Etsy seller...

    My Etsy -
    My Blog -

    all my internet links can be found on my blog.

    PS - you have a gorgeous blog...

  20. Hi Violet, your blog is so so beautiful.
    I am an Aussie Etsian crafter and I have a blog. I came across your post on the DUST forum and would love to considered for your blog!
    my etsy shop address is
    and my blog address is
    Ahh somewhere over the rainbow......
    Sincere Thanks,

  21. Hello Violet.
    thank you for the opportunity.I make paper jewellery and can be found at
    I am enjoying looking around your blog.Many thanks, Sharon



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