Friday, February 12, 2010


Deb is based in Melbourne, Victoria
and is the artist behind these
wonderful jewellery designs.

This GORGUS little bracelet is oh so sweet!

Deb is an ex-research scientist
and a stay at home mother who
LOVES crafting of all sorts,
especially jewellery making,
sewing and papercrafting.
I believe I have been very blessed to have the life and lifestyle that I live.
Therefore, 10% of profits from my sales
are donated to Tear Australia,
a Christian aid and advocacy organisation
helping people in developing countries

Debs' creations are not only STUNNING
but are also very reasonably priced.

One of the most admirable things in an artisan
is that they are very willing to accomodate
your personal preferences for colour ~
Deb is no exception
~ you will be very blessed when you
have a look at her work on Etsy

put a little love in your ART
Vick dwells on the Gold Coast in Queensland
and is the artisan behind this collection of 
AWESOME up-cycled creations.

After reading her profile on Etsy
I believe we might be kindred spirits both in an
earthly sense and a heavenly sense :) YAY!

She loves to take new, repurposed
and recycled materials
to make  individual and unique
 fashion accessories,
paper goods and etceteras

Vickies shop has a dual purpose ~
a significant portion of sales from redeem designs
goes toward supporting and encouraging
micro enterprise endeavours
for at risk people groups
 (particularly women and children)
in developing countries.

Why not support Vicki
in giving honour and value to their lives by visiting her Etsy ~ You'll be blessed!

a little piece of Heaven!
based in glorious Tasmania ~
affectionately known as
Down Under Down Under

Visit this wonderful shop to find A GORGUS collection of the
most amazing fabrics to suit all your craft and sewing needs.

Most fabrics are available by the 1/2 yard & yard
If you would like bigger cuts 
 the owner is happy to do up custom orders for
anything you may like including 1/4 yard cuts


  1. Such lovely features of 3 wonderful sellers.

  2. Ohhhhh this is so generous of you Violet. Thank you so much for this feature you have done a really fantastic job. Great to find a sister heart on Etsy too. xx Vicki

  3. Here is the Blog article I did about this x Vicki

  4. Thank you for the lovely feature Violet. :)



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